What Products We Offer

Fiat Payment

Forget using exchanges requiring 20 steps to buy your crypto. Instead, just purchase with Fiat!


Take advantage of BSC’s (Binance Smart Chain’s) most trusted and stable yield earning platform.

Escrow Service

As safety is of utmost importance to us, we will also be providing escrow services to contractors and contractees alike!

Aeterna Lottery

The hubs will also act as a place of entertainment, with three different types of lotteries!

Staking Options

Aeterna Staking

Aeterna also has a staking platform so that users can rest easy knowing their investment is growing over time by holding onto their digital assets regardless of price movements; users won’t have to worry about missing out on profits or losing money due to market fluctuations since staking allows them to gain profit from interest each day as long as they keep their cryptocurrency coins/tokens in their wallet/account with Aeterna’s platform.

Futhermore, investers who utilize this system are likely to see higher returns than if they were simply investing directly into cryptocurrencies since there is less risk involved when staking.

Play To Earn

Aeterna Lottery

Aeterna can let you play to earn through an online lottery game in which winners have the potential to exponentially grow their funds through a game of luck. All participants will be required to register with Aeterna and create an account before they can take part in the lottery games.

Participants must also agree to certain terms and conditions which outline basic rules of conduct, eligibility requirements and withdrawal information ETC., Before being granted access to play the lottery games on Aeterna’s platform.


Escrow Service

The Escrow service seeks to create a secure middleman service between two or more trading parties – making sure both sides get a fair end of any potential deal while also safeguarding them form fraud or financial loss due to any malicious behaviour from their counterparty.

The Escrow service works through smart contracts or for larger transactions through the support of escrow agents appointed to ensure that terms dictated at the start of each trade are indeed followed through until its completion.

Quick Payment

Fiat Payment and DCE

The Decentralized coin exchange (DCE) focuses on creating a safe platform for traders by providing users with access to trusted projects that have been properly vetted against poor use cases such as pump and dump scam coins or fraudulent ICOS. Furthermore, the exchange also offers a high degree of liquidity by allowing traders to convert their coins into tokens or use a fiat payment into digital assets without leaving the trading platfoerm