Aeterna is a unique de-fi eco-system that offers a variety of ways to generate wealth and navigate your way through a confusing decentralized world.

What follows is a brief overview of the fundamentals around the project and a look at the advancements that we look to build out as our eco-system develop
Our Vision
Having seen what life was like before technology was as allpervasive as it is now, we know how different times have become.

Every day new systems are being birthed, like the decentralized finance system that emerged right before our eyes.

Now as more and more people adopt cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology builds up its infrastructure to support the demand and drive for data, we see a new future on the horizon.

A future where passive income generation, open markets and safe and fruitful investments are available and easily accessible to everyone. A future free of stress and worry when it comes to crypto trading. A safe space to buy, hold, and earn, then watch your investments grow.

We see a developed eco-system as our own and one that is a beacon to others to show how technology can be used to provide a better future for all.

This is our vision, and that will be our story.
About Our Approach
The need to incentivize our holders is one of our top priorities.

This is why we built out our native token to incorporate the revolutionary positive compounding model. This model instantly calculates and immediately adds the compounded interest to your wallet's balance every 15 minutes. Up to 3 times an hour, 90 times a day. All on automatic.

This translates to one of the industry's highest APY at over 100,000%.

What's a better reason to hold than that?
Earnings are calculated in a scenario where the AESF sustains the positive growth tokenomics for 365 days.
Yield Amount
100,000% APY
Aeterna Flexible APY - A contract feature making our apy rewards adjustable with the ability to move the % rate down or potentially up if there is room to deliver this for holders.

100,000 % will be the starting apy provided as per the contract however in order for Aeterna to remain a bread winner over the long term we may adjust this value to ensure the business is sustainable month to month.

We will analyze as required to look at what is best for the future of Aeterna.
Eco-System Roadmap
Our Eco-System rollout plan is very simple and straightforward. Easily scalable and built for explosive growth with each succeeding developmental addition.
The Decentralized App will be gateway to all the features.
Community Focused Initiatives like lotteries, merchandise, and safe exchange platform builds trust and nurtures growth.
Launchpad projects will create safe trading opportunities and potentially great longterm investments.
De-Fi Tools
Makes trading easier and more user-friendly. Features that can buy, sell and trade automatically, with added ATH alerts.
Our Team
Sales, marketing and business development expert with over 15 years of experience as a Vice President in a blue chip energy company.
Board member in two companies with over 10 years of experience in content production, business strategy and development, marketing and business consulting.
An expert in both retail and branding with over 10 years of experience. John is also a marketing expert and has extensive connections in the DeFispace.
About the Eco-System
Aeternity Utility Hub
  1. Dashboard and D'App for easy navigation
  2. Safe Coin Aggregator
  3. Safe Dev Repository
Aeternapad Platform
  1. IDO Launchpad to Develop Real Use-Case Projects
  2. Meme Launchpad for Safe Gambles that Caters to Low Market Cap Investors
Aeternative Creation Hub
  1. Frequent Scheduled Lotteries
  2. Store and Merchandising
  3. Safe Commerce and Payment Gateway
Aeternal De-Fi Tools
  1. Comprehensive Trading tools and Bots
  2. Real-Time Charts
  3. Decentralized Exchange and Investor Network
Enriching Lives Is Our Mission
Creating Passive Income
We create models that help you earn while you sleep.
Revenue Generating Projects
Our revenue generation model is one of the most important parts of maintaining our ecosystem.
Initial Supply: 444,444
Max Supply: 4,444,444,444
Token Decimals: 5
Buy Fee: 14% [liquidityFee:4, treasuryFee:5, InsuranceFund: 5]
Sell Fee 16% [liquidityFee:4, treasuryFee:6, InsuranceFund: 6]
Transfer Fee: same as buy at the beginning (Later will be changed to 0)
Rebase period: 15 mins
Rebase rate for every 15 mins
First Year: 0.02170% [200390%]

Max sell [will be in tokens]
24 Hours: 15 BNB worth
48 Hours: Additional 10 BNB; Total 25
72 Hours: Additional 10 BNB; Total 35

Max buy: No Limit after initial anti bot and snipe at launch